Stumbled start.

Welcome to the first proper post for Scraps to Superhero.

Unfortunately, it’s been a bit of a stalled start.


So I had a busier  than expected week, and so couldn’t do too much work on getting this properly started.  This was unfortunate,  but couldn’t do much to fix that as it was a new experience/job I was doing.

Both side of this project are going to be massive, and I’m currently brain storming, and trying to lay the foundations for the rest of the project at the moment.

It’s kinda exciting looking forward to seeing how this project develops.  Thanks to Amy Bianco, @happyinspirit on Twitter, for pushing me into doing this.

There’s two or three major sections to this project: The Suit (the Iron man armour for Tony Stark), the AI (Tony Stark’s JARVIS) and the home automation (which could be folded into the AI section)

This weeks video, for a shortened version of this whole post is available on Youtube.

The suit

Due to lack of money, and actual boxes of scrap to use, this part of the project is going to take longer before it sees actual physical progress.  in the meantime, I’m going to be doing research, learning new skills and planning out the whats, hows and whys of the suit.  I will be posting my progress here though.

I do have a GCSE in Electronics, but that was a long time ago that I got it.  I’vr taken a Teach Yourself book on electronics from the library (Practical Electronics by Andy Cooper) for me to skim and check out.

I’m also looking for online resources to check out as well.  If you know any good ones, please get in touch.


AI (S.I.T.U.)

As I have the starting things (some coding skills and a computer) needed, I can start this side of the project almost immediately.

I’m going to be programming with Python 3 to start, and I’m  considering moving to C after that.

I have already named the AI: SITU.  THis is short for Silicon intelligence Totally Unique.

SITU is going to be a big thing, as any AI would be.  I’m wanting to break it down into smaller, manageable parts but having a bit of trouble with that.  Considering smaller programs with a larger interaction wrapper for it, if that makes sense.  I haven’t started programming yet, but I should have /something/ by next Monday.

Much like for the suit, I’m looking for resources to expand my knowledge and help make the AI.  If you know any good resources, please drop me a line.

Home automation, if it gets integrated into the project (which I’m definitely considering) will be a lot further down the line, as I’d prefer to do it when I have my own place.


I’m considering starting a Patreon to support this series as well as the channel as a whole.  Not quite sure how to (eg rewards, etc) but I’ll keep you all up-to-date on what happens on that front.

Anyway, that’s it for this week.  I should make more progress by this time next week.  Comments, shares and the like are always appreciated.

Til next week!

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