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Back after a break.

Scraps to Superhero returns after a break. YT video here.

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No progress on Scraps to superhero

So I’ve not made any progress on SITU or the suit this week due to lack of focus, distraction, and the like.  This is something that kinda permeates my life as a whole, and is something I’m working on.  I’ll

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Hurdles Hit in Scraps to Superhero

This week, I’ve hit hurdles in making SITU, and thought about the suit. Video watchable here.

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SITU gets more complex

SITU has become more complex this week. VIdeo here.

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SITU extended and the suit denied.

SITU has been extended slightly, and the suit….not so much… This is the written companion to this video.

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Stuff’s happening! [S2S]

This week has been concerned with brainstorming functionality for both the suit and SITU. The video for this is here.

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Feeling weird.

So last night I made the first video for the Expedition Fiction YouTube channel, and I monetised the channel and website with the adsense account I’m using for this website and Youtube channel.  Afterwards, I felt weird, and I don’t

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Stumbled start.

Welcome to the first proper post for Scraps to Superhero. Unfortunately, it’s been a bit of a stalled start.

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Start of “Scraps to Superhero.”

Hey everyone.  This is just me, getting started with my new series called “Scraps to Superhero.”  I’m going to be trying to make my own versions of Tony Star’ks JARVIS and iron Man armour.  I know this sounds crazy but

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Iron Inspiration

Like a lot of people, after watching the Iron Man films, I wanted my own Iron Man armour and my own Jarvis. The suit While I, to a degree, managed the former by helping test the Mark 42 armour: That

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