Back after a break.

Scraps to Superhero returns after a break.

YT video here.

This project took a 2 week break due to a week of procrastination followed by a one week break after the One Challenge (something I did to get the channel going)  ended.

Not much got done during that time, and the main thing I was doing was trying to work out how to get the mainloop/menu issue fixed.  I figured that it’d be work making any  continuously run item a script launched from SITU’s menu.  That’d allow me to integrate it, to a degree, as well as making sure it worked.  Getting it fully integrated into SITU, and not require launching it as a separate script, can occur at some point down the line.

Anything that is a “one and done” or only runs for a finite amount of time, or loops, unlike the permanently solution above, can be integrated directly into SITU straight away.

I also managed, after a bit of a fight, to install pygame that’d allow me to capture keypresses while stuff happened.  This’ll be good for down the line.
However, beyond that, I’ve not done any physical progress, I’ve just been thinking of /how/ to do stuff.
For things to do, I do have a litany of stuff I want SITU to do, (Eg twitter, reddit, news and weather etc), but I need to get a roadmap done for an order of when to do stuff.
For the suit….Yeah, no progress here. Truth be told, I don’t know /how to/ progress. I mean, I can design stuff, come up with ideas and whatnot, but I can’t put any of it into action, due to not having the funds or equipment to do so. This is frustrating, as it I could try to blag stuff off people, but I wouldn’t know who to approach, or how to approach them.
I would appreciate people’s feedback on this, so if you have any suggestions, or resources, please let me know in the comments below.

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