Hurdles Hit in Scraps to Superhero

This week, I’ve hit hurdles in making SITU, and thought about the suit.

Video watchable here.

It’s been a mixed week this week on the project.


Ok, in a One Challenge video recently I said I’d work on a scheduler, and I started working on it, then got distracted by something else.

What that was, for lack of a better word, a “main loop”. Basically, this would have everything SITU does in a loop, and just continually loops over them.

This would have the benefit of being extensible. Meanign, if I gave SITU the ability to do something new, I could bundle it up in a function, and make a function call in the main loop.Downside of this? I don’t know how to work the original menu and quit option in. Currently I have a few ideas to fix this.

A stopgap would be to have the menu called at the end of the loop, and have a ‘Do loop’ option. This would be ok for stuff like “What’s the weather?” and “Do I have any Twitter DMs?” but not “Get into IRC, and wait for Tony to come in, and let me know when he does.”

The ideal solution, I believe, would be to have a subprocess or do it asyncronously. That’d allow me to spin off the required item, eg the IRC monitoring, while still being able to interact with it. “Oh, Tony’s not in yet? Ok, you can leave now.”
That’s what I’m currently working on for SITU.


On the suit, I’ve done bits of research. Trying to get ideas. Generally trying to think, what do I want to be a part of it, colour scheme, etc. Other than that, not really much progress.

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