Iron Inspiration

Like a lot of people, after watching the Iron Man films, I wanted my own Iron Man armour and my own Jarvis.

The suit

While I, to a degree, managed the former by helping test the Mark 42 armour:
Sweet threads, thanks Tony!

That was part of the marketing for Iron Man 3. People could help Stark Industries test the mark 42 armour. The armour didn’t physically exist, as the whole test was done through something similar to the Kinect (I’m not sure how, as the whole set up was pretty fancy and sleek). I also posted that picture to the unforums on my Agent Verne account.

But to make an actual suit? That would really depend on what the final goal would be, the amount of money you could throw at the project and the like. A full on repulsor beam slinging, 3D HUD showing thing like in the movies? Not really doable with todays technology. You could definitely do an extremely scaled down version. All you’d ultimately need is time and money. I have put some thought into it, but not much. Still, may end up playing with the idea later.


Jarvis, on the other hand, is a touch more complicated. While I have seen Youtube channels such as Jarvis UK and Indy Jarvis do their work, Jarvs UK focusing on the strictly desktop/homebased side of things and Indy Jarvis doing that plus car-based Jarvises.

Getting into making my own Jarvis is something I’ve wanted to do, but I have no idea where I’d start from. The whole project seems overwhelmingly massive. I know that breaking it down into smaller steps would be the goal, make it easier to do, but while adding small things to it would be easy(ish), such as basic timekeeping and a Twitter interface, beyond that it seems so hard. I may be overthinking it, I don’t know.

What do you think? Should I start making stuff? Any suggestions as to where to start? Let me know in the comments below!

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