Nostalgia trips.

For the past week or two I keep getting hit by nostalgia, which has been fun, in the way nostalgia is fun.

It started when I logged into a Star Wars MU*, a text-based RP multiplayer game, I play on and there was talk about places, signs and whatnot that talked about pre-reboot people and places (the game has had a reboot since I first signed up). I ended up travelling the part of the grid I played in pre-reboot and had a flood of memories of scenes I was in, people I played with, and I ended up stumbling across a shop another PC had. It was a lot of fun. While the story of the character I’d played then finished, and I’m happily playing a new character with the same first name, I had so much fun. Plus, this was the first MU* I stayed with as well.

After that, I remembered sites I used to visit, that had since disappeared into the cyber-aether. This is sad if you think about it. Sites that held conversations people had, relationships created, built and possibly died. Earlier today I was reminded of a forum I used to visit, about an actress I was a fan of. When I tried to visit, it re-directed to her art site, and after searching I found out that the forum had shut down a year ago.

Part of me wonders what’ll happen to the sites I visit now. Will the keep going? Will they get shut down? Or will they be forgotten and become relics of times gone by? Only time will tell, but in the meantime I’m just going to enjoy what happens.

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