SITU extended and the suit denied.

SITU has been extended slightly, and the suit….not so much…

This is the written companion to this video.

The suit

For the suit, I’ve not made any progress.  As I can’t really translate it into the real world yet, doing design work doesn’t really appeal to me.  Though, now that I’m writing this (as the video renders) I guess I could start drawing stuff…



With SITU, I’ve made more substantial progress.  I’ve added several new functions

  1. A ‘main menu’ that holds current and future options.
  2. Date and time functions
  3. Version counter now printed on screen.
  4. An ‘exit’ function so I can cleanly leave SITU.
  5. A command to reprint the main menu.

What SITU looks like now:

What SITU looks like now (with annotations)

What SITU looks like now (with annotations)

The “Old screen” bit above the line is what was shown originally (see the last post).  The “Added stuff” below the line is what I’ve added now.  The “Main menu” bit is the main menu.

What isn’t shown is the “Goodbye.” when exiting SITU, and the “Wrong input” bit that pops up when you select something that isn’t on the options.


What’s next?

As I said in the video, I want to split SITUs code into separate files, to make them easier to read and expand.  I want to add more functions, possibly start working on interaction stuff.  Have her say stuff and the like.

For the suit, start drawing things out.  Get an idea of  how I want it to look and everything.

That’s it for this week.  If you want to keep uptodate with the project, subscribe to the channel to get the video as soon as it comes out.  Bookmark the site so it’s easier to find.



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