SITU gets more complex

SITU has become more complex this week.

VIdeo here.

This week, SITU has become more complex.    Mainly, I’ve started adding modules, and moving stuff to their relevant modules.

There’s an interaction module, which contains a basic greet and farewell function (gotta have a hi and a bye when you enter and exit), a time module (as I’ll be adding more time options later) and a menu module (for all those menus).

That’s it for the changes, beyond little errror corrections needed due to the changes .

In the near future, I do have a restart function to integrate, a few other time options, and I want to get a settings file and a way of pulling infor to and from it. I also want to shorten the wait once the Exit command is given, it’s currently a 3 second sleep command so won’t be too hard. I also want to start making more menus, for future stuff.

Beyond that, I’m looking at starting IRC, Twitter and reddit integration, though I don’t know what to do once I’ve started that.

Thanks for reading!

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