Stuff’s happening! [S2S]

This week has been concerned with brainstorming functionality for both the suit and SITU.

The video for this is here.

For the suit it’s stuff like:

  • Flight (a bit of a pipe dream, but a guy can hope)
  • GPS
  • Radio
  • SITU integration (because of course!)
  • tricorder functionality (see the Tricorder Project)
  • watch
  • own power source
  • etc

For SITU, my ideas include:

  • Bot for
    • IRC
    • Twitter
    • Reddit
  • Skype integration
  • Checker for
    • weather
    • news
    • email
  • Clock/timer
  • Suit integration (obviously)
  • Speech to text (to give voice commands)
  • text to speech (for SITU to speak back)
  • etc

In the video, I do refer to SITU as she/her.  When it come to giving SITU a voice, I’d love to find a way of having Parminder Nagra do it.

When you start SITU up, all that’s there is this:

SITU image 1

What SITU currently looks like.

As soon as you hit enter, it disappears.  There’s a batch file, that starts the core file up, and there’s two files in a folder: one being a version history, the other being the core file that contains the code.  That’ll be expanded, and more file’s will pop up, but that’s it for the time being.

For language I’m using Python 3, the latest version which is 3.5 I believe.


Building the suit’s had no progress due to lack of funds and supplies, unfortunately.


Thar’s it for now.  Let me know what you think, either in the comments or over Twitter, Facebook or YT.  Bye!

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