Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and cookie policy

So how much information do we collect on people who visit the site? Very little.
The site uses Google Analytics, and that captures your IP address. However, it’s anonymised so your actual location isn’t known. This is used to see which pages are visited, and how people move from page to page on the site. This information is deleted after 14 months, which seems to be the shortest wait time I can set in Google Analytics.

What about Cookies?
Cookies are small text files kept on your computer to store information. They’re used on this site for three things:
Google Analytics: Used to track your visiting the pages on the site.
Google Adsense: Used to show you ads on the site.
Comments: Used if you comment, and consent to have your name, and email (and website, if you enter it) so they’re saved for the next time you decide to comment.

You can remove any cookies from your computer by following the directions given in your browser’s helpfiles.

Beyond that, we keep no further information on anyone who visits this site.