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Moni_Cosplay as Storm from the X-Man. Photo by PrideOfASaiyan

Moni_cosplay interview

This weeks’ interview is with up and coming cosplayer, Moni_Cosplay!

Lady Arthas Cosplay as Sindragosa, photo taken by Anthony Curley Photography

Lady Arthas Cosplay interview

Who are you? My name is Janet, I am a Slovak cosplayer and prop maker living in Scotland.

Katie Adkins the Tiger Wizard interview

Who are you and what do you do?I’m Katie Adkins, and I’m an actor as well as a Twitch streamer View this post on Instagram They say genius’s come up with their best work...

Photo of Giraffe Cosplay as Princess Sapphire from Ribon no KishiPrincess Knight photo taken by Sam_Saturn

Giraffe Cosplay interview

Who are you? Hi! I’m Alex, but I go by Giraffe Cosplay or Giraffechan online, and I’ve been cosplaying for 8 (almost 9!! woah) years.

Selfie of Livia Chu

Livia Chu interview

This week’s interview is with Livia Chu! Who are you?I am a cosplayer, artist, gamer, nerd, and now a newb streamer based in California. I have been making costumes since I was the vice...

Photo of Giwaku as Mei from Overwatch. Photo taken by MahouWi Cosplay

Giwaku Interview

Who are you?So I’m Amelia Nestler, 22 years old and from Austria

Photo of Pearl Bae Cosplay as Fisher the Voidfish from The Adventure Zone. Photo taken by Sam Saturn.

Pearl Bae Cosplay interview

Who are you?I’m Pearl Bae, and I’m a professional costumer who likes to cosplay as a hobby, a lover of books, and just an all around nerd about a lot of things, like musicals,...