Author: Richard Aspden

Things to come

Y’know, I’ve not done a good job of using this site. Few years ago, I merged with this site (and what little that was on it), and not much got done with it....

Ghostbusters: Afterlife review

Fun film that continues on from the films in the 80s. Enjoyable for those new to the franchise, and callbacks and cameos for the fans of the first two films.


TL;DR: Expedition Fiction stuff lives here now.

Make Money Motherfuckers’ misuse.

With the end of season 3 of Westworld, I wanted to give a wrap-up of the viral marketing; and mourn Make Money Motherfuckers’ misuse.

Parce Dolores

As we reach the halfway point in season 3 of Westworld, little in the way of viral marketing or ARGing has taken place. We do have one message though: Parce Dolores

Incite Inc

In the lead up to Season 3 of Westworld, a new site has been revealed: Incite Inc!

Moni_Cosplay as Storm from the X-Man. Photo by PrideOfASaiyan

Moni_cosplay interview

This weeks’ interview is with up and coming cosplayer, Moni_Cosplay!

Lady Arthas Cosplay as Sindragosa, photo taken by Anthony Curley Photography

Lady Arthas Cosplay interview

Who are you? My name is Janet, I am a Slovak cosplayer and prop maker living in Scotland.