Dinosaur Protection Group site now up!

Following the release of the SuperBowl trailer, which is hecking terrifying by the way, an email was sent out by the Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG) saying that the website had been updated! But that’s not the only one that was updated!

DPG site overview

The site has five main pages: HomeOur CauseReportsMt. Sibo, and Blog.


Landing page for the group. Has a short message from Claire Dearing encouraging people to sign up to save the dinos, a few pics to share/download to encourage others to join, and the sign-up box if you want to be emailed future updates.
Thoughts: Overall, kinda standard fair at the moment, nothing stands out too much.

Our Cause

Has a Mission Statement, has tabs on Operational Strategy, Our Values and Our Commitment, a Meet the Team Section, and some testimonials. A lot of talk about how the dinosaurs were made, but they’re not owned, and it’s up to us to look after them. The money’s going to looking after the dinosaurs, and there’s mention of being “warriors” to defend the rights of dinosaurs. Plus there’s mention of the money going towards marches to raise awareness of the cause. The founding of the DPG is also described, happening in March 2017 by Claire, who is described as a former employee of Masrani Global. So she either left, or was fired.

The team mentioned, is just three people: Claire (founder and leader), Zia Rodriguez (paeleo-vet, wannabe JW intern, dino biology expert), and Franklin Webb (analyst, JW IT tech, computer and internet expert).
The testimonials are the usual “I totes believe in the cause!” entries, including one rather articulate 11 year old. One nice touch is the addition of someone who mentions being present at the T Rex’s rampage in San Diego in the finale of the Lost World.

Thoughts: Reminds me of Hammond at the start of The Lost World in tone. The warriors bit has me concerned, maybe there’s elements of the group that prefer sabotage? The mention of marches to raise awareness has my hopes raised somewhat, hoping there’s real-world events to attend.


This looks to be a page that’ll be updated regularly.
The only report/post up at the moment is “A History of Dino-Ethical Mistreatment”, and was written by Zia Rodriguez. It’s an overview of the history of the cloning of dinosaurs, which started in 1986 according to this report. I think that’s when InGen/Hammond started doing it in the novel, which ties in with the fact that James Cromwell is slated to portray Benjamin Lockwood the man Lord Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond worked with to develop the technology to clone dinosaurs. In the novel this was, instead, a man named Norman Atherton.

Thoughts: I think this is going to be where the history of the group comes out.

Mr Sibo

Page on the history of Mt Sibo, the volcano on the island, as well as keeping everyone up to date on its’ current status. There’s a five point scale, 1 to 5, and we’re currently at level 3. Once it hits Mag-5, there’ll be fireworks! They don’t know when it’ll hit level 5, though the good money’s on when the film comes out on June 22.
As a note, the tremor readings at the top of the page are a video named “sibo-weak.mp4”. After a bit of playing around with the file names, there’s a “sibo-strong.mp4”. That looks to be the level 4 readings, and should be coming out in the future.

Thoughts: Nothing much to say here, just looks like we’ll get updates on Sibo’s status as we approach the release date of the film.


Pretty much what you’d expect, the groups’ blog. First entry is from Claire, talking about why she started the DPG. tl;dr we screwed up and need to look after the dinosaurs!

Thoughts: Nothing much to say here, looking forward to more entries.

Other site stuff

There’s a side-bar with “Events” listed on most of the pages. Currently, there’s only the “Defend Isla Nublar Organization” (DINO) “March on Capital Hill”. Currently this is slated to happen on September 10th, the day after my birthday. It’s to show the US Government that people want Isla Nublar to be evacuated of dinosaurs.

Jurassic World site update!

That’s right, the Jurassic World in-universe site has been updated as well! Here’s the park map, complete with work-around for non-US people! It’s been taken over by the Dinosaur Protection Group. All the items on the site and map have been updated to reflect the new situation. One update is an easter egg to the novel of the first book: the original T Rex paddock pin on the map mentions an adult and juvenile T Rex, which is what the book had instead of just the adult Rex in the film.

Final thoughts

Pretty decent update, a lot of information. Good to see the Jurassic World site being updated too. The Masrani Global one hasn’t been touched since the release of the last film. Definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next!
If you want to talk about this update, there is a forum thread here. I look forward to seeing what people think of this!