Delos Corp Alert!

Welcome back everyone! Over the past week, we’ve been spoiled on updates with the Westworld viral marketing! There was a Tweet sent out a few days ago, by the Westworld twitter account, and the trailer at the SuperBowl yesterday. Lets dive in and see what came out!

The Tweet

A few days ago, on Friday 2/2/18, the Westworld tweeted out a short glitched video of the (then-current) Delos Incorporated site, which included a Bitly link to the Corp Resources page of Delos Incorporated. Unfortunately, the tweet has since been deleted so I can’t share it with you. There has been a change to the Delos Incorported site, so the information that was there isn’t any more, but it has moved, and I’ll give you the information further down the page.

The SuperBowl trailer

During the SuperBowl, the trailer for Westworld dropped. Overall, sounds like a promotional video for the park itself, especially at the start, and it shows that thigns are still going down in Westworld without giving much away for the upcoming season. However, there is a secret message in the trailer….

The secret message

Thanks to the eagle eye of reddit user Askin1. there is something that flashes up on screen at 33 seconds into the trailer, just as it follows the bull on a transition from exterior Westworld to behind the curtain.

Secret code in the trailer!
Secret message/code, taken from the trailer

In his thread to the Westworld subreddit, Askin1 points out that the lines are actually binary code. With the white lines being 1 and the gaps being 0, the lines turn into:


Reading each line of ones and zeroes, and decoding it, they turn in an IP: and if you put that into your browser, it takes you to a new site, Delos Destinations!
The binary code at the bottom of the trailer image, noticed by reddit user yenwood is 01001001 01010000, and decodes to IP, which acts as a pointer to what the above lines were meant to be used as.
Anyway, lets checkout the new site!

Delos Destinations

The newly discovered site, Delos Destinations, appears to be the part of Delos Incorporated that’s responsible for running all the parks from WestWorld to Samurai World and beyond. There’s 4 links on the page: About, Experience, Investors and Login.

About takes you further down the front page, and gives you a blurb about the company/subsiduary.
Experience takes you to a page listing six total parks. Westworld, which links to the Discover Westworld site, a glitched second park (presumable Samurai World we saw the backstage of in the last episode of season 1) that we can’t visit, and four unknown parks whose reservations are closed to the public.
Investors takes you to the updated Delos Incorporated site.
Login takes you to Delos’ Intranet, aka the Delos Security Panel!

The Delos update

All the information that used to be on the Delos Incorporated site, is now at the Delos Destinations Intranet. I mentioned above that the Delos Incorporated site’s changed. It’s now about Delos as a whole, includes a photo of company founder James Delos, and is generally very corporate in terms of language. Something of an insight to the image the company wants to project.

On the Intranet, in addition to the information that was there before the move around, there’s a few updates that were in the now-deleted tweet. The updates are the ones in red, on the site. In the Flagged Comms section, there’s two messages: one on Ford’s “retirement” and one on needing to clear the backlong on Host checkups due to the upcoming “branding push.” Corps Alerts has two updates: one on Ford’s retirement, and one on things up head for Delos as a whole. Corps Resources has a single update, a downloadable guidebook, stained with blood. The guidebook itself is an overview of the departments of Westworld, yet the hand-written additions say that hosts aren’t responding to voice commands and that we should get help.
Overall, it looks like Delos still has no idea as to what happened at Westworld, and are pushing on regardless. With the updates it seems that the wider Delos company is going to be involved in season 2 of the show.

Discover Westorld update

The Discover Westworld site hasn’t really changed much. If you mention the guidebook to Aeden, he says:

AEDEN: No guidebook will save you.
AEDEN: < error>JOURNEY INTO NIGHT< /error>
AEDEN: Thank you for bringing this to my attention. As a future guest of the park, there’s no reason to concern yourself with the nuances happening behind the curtain. Please dispose of this guide as soon as possible, and the leak will be dealt with.

I thought the error code was an anagram, but made no progress with it. I was probably reading too much into it.
If you tell Aeden “Our World”, what Delores says at the end of the trailer, he responds by telling you that Journey Into Night has been successful, and gives you a link to a different version of the trailer, which looks mostly similar to the SuperBowl trailer, yet is bloodier.


So what do I think’s going to happen in season 2, going off this new information?
First off, I think Delos is going to play a bigger part in what goes on, at least we’ll see more from them.
Secondly, we’ll see the different worlds that Delos runs. In the original film, besides Westworld, there was RomanWorld, MedievalWorld, and the sequel introduces FutureWorld and SpaWorld. In the season finale of season one we saw SamuraiWorld. Adding all those together we get six worlds (West, Roman, Medival, Future, Samurai and Spa), which matches the number of worlds available on the Delos Destinations site. The TV show makers aren’t beholden to the films, so they’re completely free to ignore the film’s worlds and create their own.
Beyond that, I’m not sure what’s goign to happen. I hope Elise returns, after her disappearance in the show and revelation of her survial on the Delos site a while ago, which I mention in this post.

Anyway, that’s it for this update! If you want to talk about it, or speculate as to what’s going to happen in season 2, join in on Twitter or Discord!