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Analysis mode: What is Discover Westworld?

Discover Westworld is the Alternate Reality Game tied to the hit HBO show Westworld. We get to see behind the scenes of the park itself as the hosts gain sentience and how things develop from there.
These violent delights have violent ends.
The maze was not meant for you.

Make Money Motherfuckers’ misuse.

With the end of season 3 of Westworld, I wanted to give a wrap-up of the viral marketing; and mourn Make Money Motherfuckers’ misuse.

Parce Dolores

As we reach the halfway point in season 3 of Westworld, little in the way of viral marketing or ARGing has taken place. We do have one message though: Parce Dolores

Incite Inc

In the lead up to Season 3 of Westworld, a new site has been revealed: Incite Inc!

Last email of the season!

This post’ll cover the final email from Delos/Westworld for Season 2 before the viral marketing goes into hibernation.

Humpty Dumpty the Westworld Host!

It’s been a few weeks since the last post, so time to round-up what’s been going on in the viral marketing before the season 2 finale airs!

Stopping the Lets Watch

This is going to be a short entry. I’m going to be stopping with the Lets Watch of season 2 of Westworld, though I’ll still be watching the show. My posts aren’t up to...