Last email of the season!

This post’ll cover the final email from Delos/Westworld for Season 2 before the viral marketing goes into hibernation.

The email

Besides the usual Behind the Scenes stuff, the latest email includes two links to in-universe stuff. The first is the restricted page, which now links a wireframe of the Man in Black and a clip of him in the host testing room that the Delos-Host was in. THis scene is part of the post-credits stinger in the final episode of the season.
Second link is back to the Delos intranet! It gives you the same two options of “Mesh Network” and “Backup B”. Backup B has a “Restore Backup” option, and if you click on that, you’re treating up a continuation from the previous week’s message, and states “Delos_xomega: Data package not recieved” and “xomegach: situation stabilized. Requesting mainland transfer.”
The xomega does tie in with something found out by a user on the Westworld subreddit. Tl;dr: one of the books in the cradle had a valid IP address on its spine: which, if you visit it, takes you to the xomega page of Delos incorporated. You can’t do anything there, the text entry box and cursor is just a gif.
As an FYI, “xomegach” was the word to find the above retricted page.

The Mesh Network option takes you back to Bernard’s Brain. There’s videos to fill in the previous memory block Bernard had, plus a few slots in the eladup to the end of the episode and season. Completing it tells you “Sync complete” and links you to a clip of Bernard on the beach. You can hear Bernard say “The dead world collapses in a tale” near the start, and ends with the video glitching out and looking somewhat like a glitched mushroom cloud enveloping the sun, and it cutting to “Signal Lost. End transmission.”

Other stuff to see

The last thing to note, is the Westworld map has been updated to show the complete journeys of Maeve and Delores….as well as the Delores-in-Hale host that’s been dubbed Halores. The location of The Door Delores and Bernard opened up is also shown, and the icon for it is clickable as well as the final “Signal Lost” icons for Delores, Maeve and Halores. Clicking on them don’t do anything, but that could change in the future. ###

The end, for now

As it stands, that’s it for the viral marketing. Season 3 has been announced on the Westworld Twitter account.

Twitter Ads info and privacyIf this wait is similar to that between seasons 1 and 2, it’ll be over a year before Season 3 airs. There’ll probably be some marketing in the lead-up to the next season coming out. I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates, and keep everyone updated.

Stay updated

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