WarWorld: the latest park from Delos!

Season 3’s trailer from San Diego Comic Con reveals a new world by Delos: WarWorld!

With season 3 of Westworld coming out next year in 2020, HBO are slowly hyping up the show by releasing a couple of trailers, one back in May and one at San Diego Comic Con. The SDCC trailer also tied in with some updates to the viral marketing sites. We’ll mainly be focusing on the SDCC trailer for this post.

WarWorld introduction

The trailer features a lot of footage of characters, both new and old, in a futuristic world that we’ve seen to be the “present” for the show (which is in out future). Some of this footage shows Maeve in a completely different setting: World War 2! While the footage of this new park isn’t on screen, it’s unmistakably World War 2. Plus the Vera Lynn song that starts playing with the footage helps confirm it.

Viral marketing changes

Firstly, WarWorld comes with its own website: DiscoverWarworld.com. While I don’t know who found it originally, I found it through the Westworld subreddit. The first person to post a link to it there, that I can find, was /u/Lukedriftwood in his post [SPOILER] Name of a New 4th Park in Season 3 Revealed. If you check out the site, you get the following message:

The current Park Offline message on the Warworld site.
The current Park Offline message on the Warworld site.

It reads:

Delos Destinations regrets the temporary closure of Warworld. We are undergoing unscheduled maintenance to improve several safety and structural systems, to maximize the experience of our guests.
Existing bookings for experienced guests will be honored at a later date.
New prospective guests should refer to our video resource catalog in preparation for a future stay, and will be notified once park reservations are reopened.
Please check back in again soon. Your life without limits will resume shortly.
-Delos Destinations


The same message appears on DiscoverWestworld.com, DiscoverShogunWorld.com and DiscoverTheRaj.com, albeit with the park names changed. Sadly you can’t click passed this message so any information on those sites isn’t currently available. At worst, it’s now lost to the world.

Delos Destinations’ changes

The Delos Destinations site lists a similar message to the parks’, however mentioning all the parks in general. However you can click past this this, to get into the site. There’s a few updates to the rest of the site:

  • A new park listed in the “Experience” section. It’s glitchy, but looks like it could be WarWorld.
  • The five other parks, including the two still listed as “Park X”, are listed as “Reservations closed to the public.”
  • The DPTS link at the bottom of the “Careers” page times out. It points to DelosCareers.com which redirects to the WB Games Support page. This is due to the Westworld mobile game shutting down earlier this year (2019), which I mentioned in the previous Discover Westworld post.

The only site that hasn’t received any updates is the Delos Incorporated site. No idea if that’ll change in the future, but I’ll keep an eye on things.

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