Delos Park Training Simulator and Season 3 updates!

The Westworld mobile game, the Delos Park Training Simulator, is coming to an end. And some updates on Westworld’s season 3.

What’s going on?

One element of the transmedia marketing of Westworld marketing campaign that I wasn’t able to get into was the Delos Park Training Simulator. That’ll no longer be an issue now, since it’s being closed down.

The announcement

Back on January 15th, they put out this tweet:

Tweeted image announcing the shutdown.

This means you’ll no longer to download it, or make purchases, and it’ll be shut down on April 16th 2019. This doesn’t really affect me, or the following of Westworld on this site, due to me not being able play the game (which I announced in a post in late 2018).

Why is this happening?

There’s been no announcement as to why this is happening, but this is coming on the heels of the settlement of Bethesda’s lawsuit against the creators of the Delos Park Training Simulator. Are they connected? We don’t know!

Season 3 news and speculation

Air date?

We’re in the middle of the longer-than-usual period between seasons of Westworld. If the wait for season 3 ends up being similar to the wait for season 2, we’re looking at a release sometime in 2020. Hopefully the UK air date is close to the US release. The way they did season 2, with the UK showing the episodes the day after the US.

There are bits of news slowly coming out as the season is developed, and there’s more than enough room for everyone to speculate as to what could happen.

California Wildfires

In late 2018 the wildfires in California blazed through the Paramount Ranch
(unfortunately claiming two lives) , which included several external sets used in Westworld. While a number of the buildings have burnt down, it’s been reported that the white church survived the fire unscathed! (Sources: and Hollywood Reporter).  According to Variety a project is starting to rebuild the western town. How this will affect season 3 of Westworld is unknown at this time.

New cast member!

It’s been announced by places such as Hollywood Reporter and Variety that Aaron Paul, of Breaking Bad fame, will be in season 3. Details on who, or what, he’ll be has been hard to come by though. This tracks with how close to the chest they play with new information. This includes not being above trolling the Westworld subreddit with a video before season 2 came out, claiming to be spoilers for season 2.

More parks?

According to the Delos Destinations “Experiences” page there’s six parks, three of them being unknown to us at the moment. The three unknown ones could make an appearance in season 3. Going off the films, they still have Roman World, Future World and Medieval World that they could use or be inspired by.