Catch up on the season 2 viral marketing

With the site updated, it’s time to catch up with the games I’m following (namely Westworld!)


There was a code hidden early in the trailer at 0:20. This was discovered by Reddit user/u/TheOracleOW, and they documented their discovery here. Code decodes to “freedom”
Putting “freedom” on the end of the Delos Incorporated address takes you to which shows a glitched out in-universe advert for the company End of the video: “Logged: xomegach”
Putting “xomegach” into the Login boxin the top right of the Delos incorporated site, takes you to a page with only a door on it. Click on the door and it takes you to a 3d model of the room the Delos host was in. There are various dots around the room, some small and unclickable, others larger with a + in them, and show a clip (labled “Log_XXXXXXX”) and show a clip of William/MiB either talking to the Delos host or, talking to someone else. All taken from the show (I assume). Looks like the smaller dots get filled in later.


As per usual, there’s been weekly emails being sent out, typically a dy or two after each episode airs.

Email 1, “Tonight: New Narratives at Westworld”
Season 2 is starting, picture for a Westworld Snapchat account, and a few Out-of-Universe articles.
Email 2, “Westworld Update: Action Required”
Link to Discover Westworld map tracking Delores and Maeve, mentioned above, link to the restricted/door page mentioned above (as a “Progress Update”), couple of Out-of-universe items.
Email 3, “Explore The Raj”
Contains a Hindi message which translates to “Log in yourself with responsibility. The puppet show is over”. Contains links to the Delos Desnations page linking to the different parks, a link to Backup Be of the Delos Intranet, and a n Out of Universe video on Fort Forlorn Hope.
Email 4, “Congratulations. Your Westworld experience awaits”
This links to the travel guide, mentioned back in the season 1 coverage. May be unrelated to season 2, since I did a personality thing tied to the iOS app and kinda forgot about it.
Email 5, “[CLASSIFIED]: Important Westworld Progress Report”
Email from Delos, not Aeden like the others. Links to restricted page, the intranet, and an out-of-universe article.
Email 6, “Join the Westworld Elite Status Program:
Since we’re “an experienced player” we’re being invited to the Westworld Elite Status Program, and invites you to chat with TES, after connecting with Facebook messenger. See below foe more info.
Email 7, Subject translates to “Shogun World”
Links to the Discover Shogun World site, Out of Universe video and an out of universe article.
Email 8, “[CLASSIFIED]: Potential Host Data Breach”
Links to Delos’ Intranet, an out-of-universe video and an out-of-universe article.

Discover Wstworld updates

Now taken over by the hosts, and now instead of “A life without limits” it’s “A life without loops”. Whole site talks about the hosts being in charge now, and talking to Aeden reflects that. Going onto the site also says “SYSTEM STATUS: COMMUNICATIONS EMBARGO” and has a “Recall” button. That was there before the season started.
The map on the site also tracks Delores and Maeve’s journey’s through the park.
Aeden no longer here.

Delos Destinations

Aeden now here, instead of Discover Westworld site. In “Experiences” ShogunWorld (Park 2) and The Raj (Park 6) are present, and clickable.

Discover Shogun World

Some information about the park, and the experiences here. PLus, there’s a map under “Explore” that’s tracking Maeve’s journey here.

Discover The Raj

Nothing there but a glitched “Raj” logo, and a link to Delos Destinations in the top right.

Delos Intranet

New flagged comm, half way down the page, titled “TES PROGRAM STATUS”. Talks about it being the first report, and analyses the results of the people signing up.

Highlights of conversation with bot:
Mentions everything’s fine, and there’s a mild “viral outbreak” thats going to be contained.

Restore Backup B takes you to a “Cradle Offline” page, might change later

The “Restore Backup A” route changed following the release of episode 6. While the information is generally the same (in addition to extra information being given from what happened in Episode 6), the main difference is the tone and voice in how it’s delivered. Before Episode 6, the tone was ambiguous as if it was a host or a human employee. After episode 6’s release, it’s confirmed that we’re talking to the Ford inside the Cradle.

Restore Backup A plays you the “Hello old friend” clip from the end of Episode 6.

Restore Backup A > meshnet > White Pearl > Connect gives you a link to the tablet connected to Bernard’s brain. 6 posible links, one currently available, is of a video from his perspective, showing him taking his glasses of looking at Elsie.

Restore Backup A > Who are you? > (before episode 6) Regardless of what you choose, it makes a comment on the mess, then regardless of what you choose it takes you into a series of choices that gives a few hints as to what’s going on, but not much.

Restore Backup A > Who are you? > (after episode 6) You get to ask Ford a few questions, but he’s as vague as usual > it takes you into a series of choices that gives a few hints as to what’s going on, but not much.

Restore Backup A > Park Status > Sasses you for not being polite, then goes into the hint series of choices, same as above.

The Westworld Elite Status program

The Elite Status Program seems to be an additional part of the whole viral marketing/ alternate reality game.
The email announcing this came with a link, that opened up a conversation with WestWorld on Facebook, and starts a conversation with a chatbot.
Downside? It appears to be geolocked, so I’m not going to be able to follow it.

What now

Now that I’m caught up, I should be able to update the site on the site changes and future emails more quickly.
I’d love to hear what you think. How’re thigns going to develop? Have you joined the Elite Status program? Let me know over on Twitter or in the Discord!