First email from the Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG)

So the Dinosaur Protection Group has just sent out its first email! This means that this viral marketing this is officially started!

The email itself is an image with text on, which reads:

Welcome! By joining the Dinosaur Protection Group, you can help bring more awareness to the volcano that currently threatens the inhabitants of Isla Nublar. We brought these dinosaurs back into the world; it’s our responsibility to protect these magnificent creatures.

As we settle into out new office, we promise to keep you updated with the latest news and information that we’re able to gather.
Thank you for being part of the DPG – together we will help protect the dinosaurs.
Stay tuned for our updated website and how you can continue to be involved.
Claire Dearing
Founder, Dinosaur Protection Group

The tl;dr is that they’ve just moved into a new office, you can help bring up awareness to the dinosaur’s and to wait on upcoming updates to the website. 
It was sent by Claire, so assumably she’ll be somewhat active in the viral marketing’s storyline.

Also, the name of the email image is “DPG_Newsletter_Revised.png”. I did a bit of poking round to see if the original image was available, and it is! It’s just named “DPG_Newsletter.jpg”. The only difference I can see, after a cursory glance, is that the original has white padding down the left and right side of the image that the revised image that went out doesn’t. I didn’t do any steganography on it, so no idea if there’s anything hiding there.
I couldn’t find anything else yet, unfortunately. The social media profiles remain blank.
Still, this is a fantastic time to jump into this if you want to experience it first hand.

Anyway what do you think? Is this all hippy dippy? Or are the dinosaurs worth saving? Let me know!