Jaeger Academy expands.

Didn’t get any emails, had to rely on Twitter to find out there was updates here.

First things first, we can finally build our Jaeger. There’s 4 sections to the Jaeger: 

  • Conn-Pod (head)
  • Energy Core (chest)
  • Weaponry (with arms)
  • Legs.

There is a fifth setion, which is just the colour. 
Each section has a total of six options, but two are locked out leaving four to be selectable. This is somewhat disappointing, as I wish the Jaegers were more customisable. Still, I’m mostly happy with the one I’ve built.

My selections were:

  • Conn-Pod: Gipsy Avenger
  • Energy Core: Dual Nuclear Vortex Turbines
  • Weaponry: Back-mounted Ionic Twinblades
  • Legs: RG-28 Accelerator Limbs
  • Colour: Orange

The Energy Core reminded me of Iron Man’s Arc Reactor, and the Twinblades reminded me of lightsabers. Seeing those, I put this Jaeger together as an Iron Man-esque Jedi Jaeger, and gave it the name Iron Jedi. I locked that in, and it gave me 5,000 points, plus it gave me an image of my Jaeger and gave me an updated Pilot License. The License now has a second achievement of “Jaeger Builder” and now shows my Jaeger and it’s abilities off, as well as showing the number of Academy Points I’ve accrued (14,520 if you’re curious).

My Jaeger, the Iron Jedi
My Jaeger, the Iron Jedi
My updated pilot license.
My updated pilot license.

The next thing available is the Daily Trivia, which asks questions about the setting, such as “What was the most advanced Jaeger to be deployed during the Kaiju War?” and “What is the name of the Kaiju Black Market kingpin known to operate out of Hong Kong’s Kowloon district?” Each correct answer nets you 280 points, and each wrong one nets you 0 points. Currently 34 of 45 questions have been released, and I’ve net 6,440 points.

There’s a new page to check out, the Challenges page, which seems to be the “hub” of things to do. There’s four items here,

  • Build Your Jaeger (Complete)
  • Daily Trivia (34/45 complete)
  • Precision and Judgement (Coming Soon)
  • Compatability Test (Coming Soon)

Plus, there’s a note at the bottom that says, “1 OUT OF 4 CHALLENGES COMPLETED FOR ASCENSION”. What is “ascension”? We don’t know yet! So far we’ve completed the Jaeger building, and we’re (presumably) 11 days away from completeing the Daily Trivia.
The “Precision and Judgement” and “Compatability Test” sections are labelled “Coming Soon”, and can’t be visited yet. I’m assuming they’ll open up after the Daily Trivia completes, but who knows!

That’s all the updates so far. I’d love to see your Jaeger!