Masrani Global: The CEO promises the sky.

Finally the CEO of Masrani Global, Simon Masrani, has decided to update his blog.  So, what’s he got to say about what the company is up to?

The answer, is quite a lot.

First off, they’re sinking yet more money into inGen, and therefore Jurassic World.  If you’ve seen the trailerSuper Bowl spot, or are familiar with the franchise, you how how well that money’s going to be spent.  Also, Masrani Oil will be revealing “something incredibly exciting soon.”  This probably ties in with the announcement from February, which I kinda covered, where Masrani Oil and inGen said they were working on bringing stuff back from peat deposits in the United Arab Emirates. Chalk up another prehistoric creature that can eat you on Isla Nublar.

The main thrust of the CEO’s blog, however, appears to be his appearance at Inventicon 2015 in London. [As an aside, I’ve checked, and Inventicon does appear to be a real company (and not tied to Jurassic World).   They appear to be located in Mumbai India, and all their scheduled events are there.] They’re going to be showing off their VR equipment, and want to pioneer a “VR web structure” and wish to organise VR tours of the island, for those who can’t visit the island.   I’m hoping this means something for those of us in the real world, but I’m not holding my breath.   They’ll also be showing off their new smartphone, the Tanius 7.   If you’ve checked out the MasCom page  you’ll see the phone is the first “holographic mobile smart phone” and is set to be released in “6 months.”

It’ll be interesting to see what they release in conjunction with the whole “Inventicon 2015” event.

One thing of note, that I noticed reading the MasCom page, is that Mascom claims that they’re the ones that keep everything going.  Quoting the Mascom page:

“[W]e’re the ones who connect all the other enterprises, without Mascom everything would fall apart.” – Mascom page

This, combined with the December 2014 news of a decommisioned satellite coming down in the Pacific think that this is going to play a part in everything going to crap.