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Visit Jurassic World, the world renown theme park where dinosaurs have been brought to life by InGen and the Masrani Corporation.

This is the viral marketing campaign for the fourth Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World!

Jurassic World: Viral marketing update

Jurassic World viral marketing has still been putting stuff out on both the Jurassic World and Masrani Global sites. What’s going on? Both the Jurassic World and Masrani Global sites have had updates, though...

Jurassic World websites updated

As Jurassic World enters the end of its theatrical run, we celebrate the probable end of the viral marketing for the film.

Jurassic Facts

Hey everyone!Have you wondered how accurate the dinosaur stars of the Jurassic Park franchise are?  Well thanks to a collaboration between 26 Digital and Bright House you can, over at Jurassic Facts.  Thanks to Sophie of...

Film out

With the film out, the countdown on the site reaches zero, and there are updates.Spoiler level: Low.  If you’ve seen the trailers or seen the first film, you’ll kinda know what the update’s gonna...

Jurassic World: Internships, Photos and more

An update for Jurassic World, in which there are more  internships, CEO Simon Masrani updates his blog, and we’re given a boatload of new photos of the island. What’s new? The Masrani Global site...

Updates from Jurassic World

Updates from the Jurassic World and Masrani Global sites, in which there’s a future that doesn’t involve getting eaten by dinosaurs.

Historic Hilton: Stay in style

A new site tied to Jurassic World has been found by @Nublar7 on Twitter (which I discovered via @ChrisLikesDinos.  The site? For the park’s Hilton Hotel!

Masrani Global: The CEO promises the sky.

Finally the CEO of Masrani Global, Simon Masrani, has decided to update his blog.  So, what’s he got to say about what the company is up to?

Mosasaurus? You get a Pass.

Something that passed me by, there was another Raptor Pass entry released two days ago, on the 20th.  The page is viewable here and works for those inside and outside the US.  This entry is number...