More Jurassic world updates.

Hello everyone, there’s been several updates on the Jurassic World front.

First off, a while ago Masrani Global posted a new news entry talking about a name change: Masrani Oil is now Masrani Energy!  The short post goes on to talk about how Masrani Energy is committed to clean alternatives and what the have planned in the future.

Secondly, the global trailer was released on the 20th. and is well worth watching.  It reveals more about the film (eg how the aviary is breached and the Pteranodons and Dimorphodons escape) and includes several nods to the original film (eg the helicopter approching the island and the goat in the T-Rex Paddock/Kingdom).  With the release of the trailer, the Jurassic World site has updated.  Specifically, the Dinosaurs page and the Map are now fully unlocked.  The remaining dinosaur specific information, with the biggest piece of info on the Velociraptor page: the Raptors (much like the first film) aren’t yet ready for public viewing.  The last update, is the addition of a Kids page on the front page.  The page includes several downloadable elements, including a wordsearch and crossword, and shows off the various things for kids to do at the park.

The last thing I want to mention, is that there’s now an Expedition Fiction Youtube channel!  There’s not much there at the moment, keep your eyes peeled!  If you want to check out my reaction to the latest Juraassic World trailer, you can do so here.