Who is Mr Robot? New website, even less information.

After waiting several weeks, the Who Is Mr Robot? website finally sent out its first email, and the result was…less than helpful.

The email consists of two things, and this image:

Turns out, this image was removed between writing and Sept 18 2017
Copyright USA Network

And this linked back to the website, which has been updated.

The second thing was a string of binary: 01100101 01101110 01110100 01100101 01110010 00100000 00100010 00110100 00110010 00110000 00100010 00100000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110000 01110010 01101111 01101101 01110000 01110100

This decodes to: enter “420” at the prompt

The change to the website, is that it now shows a fast scrolling ‘start up’ sequence, then  a message from mr robot, that’s different from the above.  It then gives you a command prompt and a list of 3 commands: question; wakeup; join.

Question gives you 4 images to look at, titles “jefferson”“steals”“madoff” and “owned”, quotes with pictures.

Wakeup shows the video that was on the site originally.

Join allows you to sumbit your email address for further emails.

help gives you the list of commands again.

if you do as the binary in the email suggests, and use the 420 command, you get an image with a Bob Marley quote: “they build their world in great confusion to force on us the devil’s illusion.”

I’ve input other words to try and figure out other commands, such as logon, logoff, quit, and the titles of the photos and had no success (besides the 420 image which is named “420”).  Hopefully something will reveal itself in the future.

If you look at the page’s source code, there is a message at the top: “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” so hopefully more emails, if not more, will be more forth coming in the future!

If you have any luck working out commands, let me know in the comments or over twitter or facebook, and I’ll look into them.