Updates from Jurassic World

Updates from the Jurassic World and Masrani Global sites, in which there’s a future that doesn’t involve getting eaten by dinosaurs.

First update comes from the Masrani Global newsfeed:  The Masrani Global corporation has more “Coming Soon” for Jurassic World, possibly including more genetically modified dinosaurs.  Claire Dearing refers to all the dinosaurs as “assets,” as she does in various teasers, trailers and TV spots (more on those later).  This is a bad idea.  “Asset” makes it sound like a “thing” and something easy to control.  Which dinosaurs aren’t.  Something she’d know if she’d seen the previous films (if she was in our universe), or (in the universe she lives and works in) read about what happened on the other islands from the news, reports from people that were there, and general information available to her and the company she works for.  So yeah, this going tits up totally shouldn’t be a surprise to her.  At all.

The entry also links to the Jurassic World page and newsfeed which mentions again that the I-Rex is coming in a month (when the film releases) and that they have more rides in the works, including Treetop Grazers while looks like a great ride.

Next up is something that appears on both the RaptorPass page of the Jurassic World site and the Masrani Global Media page, and that’s the “InGen Technologies: Tomorrow, Today” video.  It’s the typical “Look at us, we’re so amazing! Can’t you tell how amazing we are by all these amazing things we can do?  Amazing!” video you’d expect from the world’s leading company in death by dino.  One throw back to the original film is a short clip from the Mr DNA section of the tour, starting at 1 minute 22 seconds, and the person on screen talks about how they’re totally not doing that anymore!  Nope, they’re not many any of the old mistakes anymore…….because they’ve engineered completely new ones….

Lastly is a RaptorPass entry, for the Gyrosphere.  While there’s not much to it, just showing a gyrosphere being made.  While it looks pretty (as you’d expect from InGen), the text that pops up throughout the video has a strong superhero vibe to it.  That’s all well and good, but going off the promotional material, it looks like its sole weakness is dinosaurs. Which is another bad idea in a history of bad ideas.

Since we’re getting so close to the film’s release, there’s so many TV spots coming out advertising it.  Youtube channel CBR Trailer has a playlist containing all of them.  Seeing the petting zoo at the start of Spot 16 is equal parts adorable and envy-inducing.  One worth watching is the 2 minute featurette, which includes narration from John Hammond (the late Lord Attenbrough) which is both awesome and heartbreaking, and both the narration and what the featurette talks about is one thing: we’re seeing John Hammond’s dream finally come true, both in the Jurassic Park universe and ours.  Jurassic Park is open.  And quite frankly, I am just so awed by the work put into what I’ve seen from the film itself and the promo work.  If the film is half as good as I think it’s going to be, I’ll be a happy camper.