Mr Robot pilot

More updates from Mr Robot.  Though this time, he provides something more concrete.

So, while waiting for Jurassic World updates, which I posted about earlier, I missed writing about an email from Mr Robot I received back on the 14th.  The email shows a few newspaper clippings that had be altered, but with little context.  Clicking on them leads back to the Who Is Mr Robot website, which now sports an additional command: Inform. This shows each clipping in turn, explaining how the rich, famous and power are using their influence to get out of trouble, subvert the system and screw over the little guy.

On the 27th, I received an email titled “The Revolution Begins.”  The email itself was a picture of a grenade, and text from Mr Robot saying that it was time to deicde if “you’re with us or against us” and included a button that reads “Pull the Pin” which, if clicked on, leads to the USA network page for the pilot of the show.  This is geo-blocked, so if you’re outside the US, you’ll not be able to watch it there.  There’s also a Twitch channel where you can watch the Mr Robot pilot, which luckily isn’t geo-blocked, so anyone can watch it!  I’ll be watching it in the next few days, and posting a review here