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Who is Mr Robot? Hackativist or threat?

Following the Alternate Reality Game for the hit show, Mr Robot!

Uneventful Mr Robot update

This post has been a long time coming.  Unfortunately, it’s mainly repeats.

Overdue Mr Robot update.

Update on four emails over one and a half months on  #fsociety.

Mr Robot’s revolution is still going strong!

The revolution has been moving along, and I’ve been stood still.So, Mr Robot has been in touch on and off since the previous post, but I have my reasons for not posting!

Mr Robot: Join fsociety

Mr Robot wants You to join fsociety!  Take the test and find out if you’ve got the skills to make it in.

Mr Robot pilot – Lets Watch

I’ve finally watched the Mr Robot pilot, and I found it intriguing.It can be viewed on Twitch, here, but for how long?  Who knows!  Below the cut are the notes I made as I watched,...