No longer following the Mr Robot ARG

An echoing of the latest video on the channel about the Mr Robot ARG.

As I said in the latest video on the channel, I will no longer be following the Mr Robot ARG.  While it’s still going on, any definitely worthwhile playing, it’s difficult for me to keep up and be fully emersed within the universe. If I kept up with the ARG I’d be spoiling the show, if I avoided spoiling things for myself I’d miss out on elements of the game.

The reason the game’d spoile the show for me is I’m in the UK, and can only watch the show on network TV.  At the time of writing this, season 2 is still on it’s first airing here, and the first email for season 3 has come out.  Were I to continue following the ARG it’d be incomplete and would to the game, the show, and everyone at home a disservice.

As I am unable to fully report, and engage with, the ARG, I will no longer be following it.  I may tweet out stuff about it, and I’d be ore than happy to answer what I can on it.

There is a reddit community, /r/ARGsociety, if you want a place that’s keeping up with it.  If you do keep playing, I sincerely hope you have a good time with it.