Westworld: Everything’s fine and they’re going on the road!

Aeden the Westworld Guest Services Host has sent out a new email!  Everything’s fine, and they’re going on the road!

Before we start, the site DiscoverWestworld.com.  If you’re in the US you can just visit DiscoverWestworld.com. Outside the US (like me), there’s a work-around: DiscoverWestworld.com/?forceus This bypasses the geographic restriction that redirects non-US people to the site of whoever broadcasts Westworld in your country.
On to the email!

Aeden pologises for the “glitch” on the website (which went haywire at the end of season 1), and claims that Dr Ford’s new narrative “Journey into Night” is immensely popular, preventing booking for the forseeable future. There’s mention of a satellite experience (which links to the Funko pop page for Westworld characters) and there’s mention of a roadshow and to visit the discover westworld site if you want info on it.

Visiting the site, you’re greeted by a chatbox from an “unregistered user” asking for help, before being replaced by a “registered user” claiming everything’s fine. I reckon this could be Elsie asking for help, since we know she’s alive and still in the park.Video playing in the back ground contains glitches.

Talking with Aedan lets you find out about the “travelling Roadshow” in San Diego at ComicCon. Consists of:
Autograph signing;
Panel QnA;
“Westworld Experience Center” which is described as an “immersive experience.” No idea what that is.

Checking availablity for a visit to Westworld itself nets you a message saying that there’re no reservations available due to the influx of reservations recently. It does give you the whitehateblackhat code which, if you use it in the admin box in the top right of the site, gives you a “10 day guide“. This tells you what’ll happen on each day of a 10 day stay, and contains links to videos, things on the site (which the workaround doesn’t work on), and even to one thread on reddit about the paintings Dolores makes.

Over on the Delos Incorporated site (which doesn’t require a workaround), the content there can be visited again. Visiting the site gives you a message saying “Restoring from previous back up” before letting you check out all the stuff put up during the first season.This contains the same info as the video on the channel.