10 seconds of fame – Mr Robot

Mr Robot takes a break from sticking it to the man, to offer you 10 seconds of fame!

10 Seconds of Fame

New email from Mr Robot brings us yet another insight into how our information is used and abused by the corporations.  He emailed me this link, which leads to USA Network’s (who broadcasts mr Robot) 10  Seconds of Fame page.  The aim of the page?  To let you have your 10 seconds of fame, by showing the picture of your choice, from your Facebook page, on a billboard in New York City’s Time  Square, and giving you a live feed of it.
As you may have guessed, the whole thing gets hijacked by Mr Robot, and ends up blasting you pictures on the various billboards of the (presumably simulated) Time Square and showing the phrase “<name> has joined the revolution!”Y’know, this is one of the reasons I enjoy taking part in ARGs and viral marketing is being able to do stuff like this, and have it be in a safe manner.  If I had my actual pictures plastered all over such a public space, I’d be terrified.  But, as it’s a simulated thing, I can do it and not worry (too much, anyway) about it.