Jurassic World websites updated

As Jurassic World enters the end of its theatrical run, we celebrate the probable end of the viral marketing for the film.

Jurassic World site changes

On the Jurassic World site itself, when the film hit the park capacity maxed out around 25% or so, and the Park Cams showed people panicking, but it’s all back to pre-incident levels (though the “Please excuse our mess” message is still there).  The usual workaround to visit the main page of the US site no longer works but if you do it for the kids page you can look around like normal.

Masrani Global

Slight update here.  The Investors page has a “Dear Investors” letter from the COO, saying that the incident has resulted in the worst financial crisis for the company. It then leads into a “We’ll get over this” bit.  The stock graph on the same page shows a massive drop too.  Elsewhere on the site the media page still proclaims, “More videos coming soon!”  yet I feel it’ll proclaim that til the site disappears.


I’ve really enjoyed following this viral marketing.  It made the park oh so real for a die-hard Jurassic Park fan like me.  There has been an announcement of Jurassic World 2, and the UK will get it 2 weeks before the US.  Will this viral marketing stay round for it?  Will it actually come out when they say it will?  Only time will tell.  For now, this will be the last time we’ll be on Isla Nublar, and I would love to visit again.