Overdue Mr Robot update.

Update on four emails over one and a half months on  #fsociety.

Careful Massacre

This is a video, that is unfortunately georestricted. Can’t really comment on it unfortunately.

Mr Robot Virtual Reality:

A 360 video [formerly on the usenetwork website, but is still watchable (albeit geolocked) on YouTube, here. Was uploaded there by the Mr Robot team].
It’s a 13 minute video about a date between Elliot and Shayla.  It’s cute.


A game to test to see if you’re ready for the end.  Fun, hard at times.
Chapter 1: follow tunnel leads to failure. You can go outside the tunnel, and go that way.
Chapter 2: Changes every round
Chapter 3: Click the word “door” in the description
Chapter 4: Is the Out o Control Tram problem. No correct answer.
Chapter 5: Choose pawn. I figured pawn was better, as they can become other pieces when they reach the other side.

Not Lost to you

Links to a USA Network site, where you can buy the Red Wheelbarrow book, an in-universe item.  That’s it.That’s it for updates.  I’ve not been rushing to do it for Mr Robot due to me being behind on the show (currently near the end of Season 1).  I’ve not wanted to risk spoiling myself on the show.