Visit Westworld

Thanks to the wonderful people at the Westworld subreddit, I now know how to access the Westworld site outside the US.

What is Westworld?

Westworld is a TV show based on the film of the same name by Michael Crichton.  It follows the goings on at a wild west theme park called WestWorld, both in the park and behind the scenes.  As you can probably imagine, things aren’t plain sailing.

What’s the site about?

The website, (US linknon-US link) is an in-universe website, and allows you to see some of what’s on offer, and also has a Host available to talk to, called Aeden.  As a note, if you’re outside the US like I am, you need to have the “/?forceus” bit at the end of the website’s address to see all the information, otherwise you’ll be directed to a region-appropriate site which doesn’t have all this fun stuff on.

Things to check out

There’s a few things to check out.  First, checkout the availabilty at the bottom of the page.  Any date you ask about, will give you the phrase “whitehatblackhat”.  If you give that to Aeden, he’ll talk to you about options at the park.  If you put it into the Access box at the top right of the main page, you’ll be taken to an assessment page which will ask you about 20 or so questions on a range of topics.  Once done, you’ll be emailed with the results.  I ended up as a “Homesteader.”

I'ma Homesteader!
Westworld experience result image

What follows that is a booking form.  Select your package (Standard/Silver/Gold), number of people, type of room, length of stay etc.  I went for Standard, 1 week, 1 adult etc, going for the bare minimum and this was the result:

Screenshot of price for one week
Yikes, kinda pricey!

That’s right, $442,000 for the bare minimum for one person!  Going all out (max package, best room, 5 adults, 5 kids, etc) comes out to ~$26.6 MILLION!  So yeah, pricey stay!
Other things to do here:

  • Hold shift
  • Ask Aeden about people, including the Man in Black.
  • Hold down the mouse button on the Westworld logo at the top of the page (Kinda 4th wall breaking)

Another website?

Yes, there is another in-universe website to check out:, same address inside and outside the US.  This was found by entering the phrase “violentdesires” into the Access box in the top right of the site.  This site shows some behind the scenes information about the goings-on of the park.  Some emails, an overview of the main facility, and more. It’s worth checking out, and I’m not wanting to spoil too much.  Though, checking out the emails, shows that there’s more problems than what is being shown on the show.I will be making more posts as this goes on, assuming more information gets revealed.  I’ve also done a video on this, covering the same information, available here.