Mr Robot’s revolution is still going strong!

The revolution has been moving along, and I’ve been stood still.
So, Mr Robot has been in touch on and off since the previous post, but I have my reasons for not posting!


The wait is due to the first thing I’ll talk about: Five/Nine.  This is a page with five clips on it.  However, here in the UK I was only able to see the first clip, with Obama in it.  The clip(s) talk about the events of the last season, so are somewhat spoilerific.The next email, called “Wintess the revoution” linked to the five/nine stuff I mentioned above.

Wake the World

Next up was Wake the World, which linked to the Mr Robot Facebook page.  There are country specific videos on the page, for the curious.  Also, I heard that there was a QnA session done on Facebook Live that was “hijacked” by Mr Robot, who then streamed the first episode of season 2.  I didn’t watch it, as I have yet to see season 1.

Mr Robot v2.0

The most recent email, which arrived on Wednesday, shared the new and updated Mr Robot site.  Instead of being just a CLI (Command Line interface) it’s now a full desktop GUI (Graphica User Interface).  It’s a ncie clean interface you can check out.  All the old commands should work.  Plus, there’s “fivenine”, to checkout the clips above, and “elliot” which gives you two images of Elliot’s notebook.  Plus, on the deskop, there’s a small gallery of random images.


While I was waiting round, there was a pseries of puzzles happening, alll of which are documented on this thread on the Mr Robot subforum.  In short, there was a callable phone number in the trailer for season 2, which lead to a series of other puzzles, that ended up with 509 people getting sweatshirts, which is pretty sweet.
Downside of stuff like this is that it tends to be region-locked to the US.

Good news!

If you’re in the UK, season one is coming to Universal.  Thursday 21st at 9pm, so Thursday coming, and they’re showing the first two episodes, and they’re showing them again several hours later.  It also looks like Syfy is showing it too, around the same time.  I’ve set it to record, and I recommend you do too!Bye folks!
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