Lonelygirl15 returns!

Early youtube viral star lonelygirl15 returns after 7 year hiatus, and 10 years since her first video!

[Yes, this is essentially identical to what was said in the video.  I ended up liking the original script enough to just copy/paste it here.  Sorry.]

It’s been 10 years since lonelygirl15 uploaded her first “vlog” “Dorkiness prevails”.
In the several years that she posted for, it was discovered and revealed that the whole thing was a work of fiction, an alternate reality game was run/played, and several spin-offs were made, including one in Poland, and one here in the UK.
The last video on the lonelygirl15 channel was in early December 2008….until a few days ago. When a new video was uploaded, and it’s watchable here.

That’s right, it looks like lonelygirl15 is back! A few days ago, a new video was uploaded to the channel, with Bree, the titular lonelygirl herself.
The video is an “Internal Use Only” video, talking about “What to do when you’re selected.” The ‘selection’ has something to do with an Order bree is/was part of in the original series. There’s talk of blood needing to flow, and being selected by family or elders.
Turns out, there’s a few secret annotations on the video, thanks to Guest User 17 on unforums for pointing these out. The annotations aren’t visible, so you’ll have to pause the video at the timestamps, and click on the areas mentioned.

0:43 left eye – http://lg15.com/thatgirl/OnTheMove.wav
Audio clip, Guy (who sounds familiar) leaving a voice message for “Emma” about a mother needing to reorganise an interview due to not having records, and record being tampered with.

1:17 right eye – http://lg15.com/yeahTHATgirl/boss.jpg
Image of a redacted Gmail conversation, involving “Marty” and an “Elde.” Not sure who about, but possibly Bree.

1:42 chin – http://lg15.com/whateverhappenedto/wrist.jpg
image of slightly redacted Medical report. About a male that was being treated for bleeding from left wrist.

So, what now? Obviously, we are going to see what happens with this. However, when it was orginally on, I didn’t really keep up with it. I watched a few videos, then drifted away from it. But, to fully know what’s going on, I’m going to do a “Lets Watch” of the lonelygirl15 series, and spin-offs. This’ll give context to this post, and prepare us for the upcoming….whatever comes of this.

I’ll be posting stuff here, as well as to the channel.

So yeah, stay tuned, and lets see where this expedition takes us!