LexOS: more testing

LexCorp and LexOS update.  This is a delayed post on my part.
Sorry for the delay in doing this update everyone.  I did this about a fortnight ago and I’m only just getting round to sticking it up.  There’s the brief overview of the new tests, along with the new ID cards, then there’ll be info on what else came out.

LexOS tests walkthrough

color 3.1: same as before

circuit 2.2: same as before

symbol 5.1: same as before, except the first one to have no blank hexagons, they all have something on.

operation 1.1: new, but works the same as the decimal tests. Adjacent hexagons sum to , except instead of plain numbers on each edge, you have to work out the values with the sums. Also, I don’t know if this was an error on my part, but some of the hexagons you had to move were blank ones, and moving ones with text on didn’t change the percentage. Pay close attention to the percentage complete item in the info box in the top right, and if you have to move blanks ones, do it moving each hexagon one side at a time, until the percentage complete goes up.  Remember, 0 divided by anything is 0, and 0 multiplied by anything is 0.

circuit 3.1 same as before, except a full board

binary 1.1 as with operation and decimal, adjoining edges have to sum to 5. This time, the numbers are in binary.

colour 4.1: full board colour puzzle.

get level 4 access card now:

Level 4 LexOS ID
My level 4 LexOS ID

symbol 8.1 fullboard symbol puzzle

circuit 3.2 fullboard circuit puzzle

operation 2.1 same as before

binary 2.1 as before, except this is the last test

level 5 badge gained:

My level 5 LexOS ID badge
My level 5 LexOS ID badge

Going to files now gets you the “Access denied” box again.

Log in

Thanks to Jim Corbin, @JimJimBinks on Twitter, there were log in details in the credits of Batman vs Superman: username: mgraves password: lexicon which can be used on the LexOs site.  This allows you to access the files section, which counted down to Monday two weeks ago.  Once it hit zero a video auto-played when you accessed the site, called Communion and it still viewable if you click on the name.  It’s a deleted scene, and shows Lexin front of a large horned creature that disappears. What their relationship is, I can’t say, as I haven’t seen the film yet.
I asked around, looking for an explanation as to what was going on.  I got a reply on a game I play, though the person had to ask a friend.  Their answer was:

My friend says: Well here is my input. I have no fucking idea what that was, but my guess is it’s about Darksied. Those appear to be Mother Boxes in it’s hands but that’s pretty vague.

Thanks to Sophia’s friend for that answer.
I’m not well versed in DC lore, so I don’t really know who Darkseid is or what Mother Boxes are.  If you do, please get in touch.
Anyway, beyond that, that’s it.  As usual I’ll  keep an eye on it, especially since the DC film universe is slowly becoming a thing. LexCorp may be a source of information in the future.