LexOS: More tests, fewer answers.

LexOS has more tests to do, but what does it all mean?

What’s new with LexOS?

The LexOS site has been updated to allow more tests of the new OS to be done.  Once complete, the “Cognitive Processing” will be at 50%, and you’ll be left with a level 3 access card, which you can personalise with you name and picture.  it’s also blue, which suits me.

LexOS level 3 ID badge
LexOS level 3 ID badge


If you’ve done the previous tests, you’ll know how to do the new batch of tests. The main difference is that these are  Remember that, if you’re stuck for hexagons to rotate, wait a few moments.  Ones that need to be rotated will be highlighted one at a time.
If the decimal 2.1 test’s info box doesn’t display any text, meeting edges of hexagons have to add up to 5.

What about the files?

On the menu at the bottom, there’s an option for “Files.” Clicking it brings up a box that says that access is denied, and your security level isn’t high enough, even after completing the newly revealed tests.  So, whatever’s there will remain to be seen.

What about the log in details?

I’m still using the guest log in option, and I haven’t heard of anyone else having log in details for the site. So if there’s something locked behind the log in screen that guests don’t have access to, no-one will see it unless LexCorp give out log in details.

Investors and stock information

Something I noticed, thanks to looking at #LexCorp n Twitter, is that the stock information on the LexCorp investors page may change.  Currently it’s sat at 72.36 per share, so lets see if it changes.That’s it for updates.  What do you think will be revealed in the files?  Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter!