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Helping to test the latest Operating System from LexCorp!

Following the Alternate Reality Game and viral marketing for Batman vs Superman.

LexOS: more testing

LexCorp and LexOS update.  This is a delayed post on my part.Sorry for the delay in doing this update everyone.  I did this about a fortnight ago and I’m only just getting round to...

LexOS: More tests, fewer answers.

LexOS has more tests to do, but what does it all mean? What’s new with LexOS? The LexOS site has been updated to allow more tests of the new OS to be done.  Once complete, the...

LexCorp finally updates!

Finally, the LexCorp site has been updated! Also, you can help Beta Test Lex OS!

LexCorp trailhead

Batman vs Superman advertising item: Lexcorp.  VIral marketing at the least, may develop into ARG.  This is the first post, so read on to find out how it starts!