LexCorp trailhead

Batman vs Superman advertising item: Lexcorp.  VIral marketing at the least, may develop into ARG.  This is the first post, so read on to find out how it starts!

So, Lexcorp.  Lead by Lex Luther, this company is advertising its latest product Lex OS, and Lex himself is on the convention circuit hyping it up.
The company has a website, which is a bit barren at the moment.  

It opens with a video, which is on the LexCorp Youtube Channel, which is a mix of the usual “building tomorrow today” stuff, mixed with an ad for Lex OS.  The rest of the site is a “Coming Winter 2015” ad for Lex OS, and a signup page to receive emails in the future about LexCorp and Lex OS.
A few other aspects available, Lex has a twitter account, which has just tweeted about con appearances and an article he’s done.

The article, available here, is about Lex and how he came into power of the company.  Fortune, where the article is hosted, also has a “Content from LexCorp” page.  Currently, all that’s there is the article mentioned earlier.
Where this will go, and whether it’ll develop into an Alternate Reality Game or remain as viral marketing remains to be seen.  Still stay tuned to find out how it turns out!

I’ve also done a video, containing the same info as this post, with general awkwardness added in, which is available here