Jurassic World: Viral marketing update

Jurassic World viral marketing has still been putting stuff out on both the Jurassic World and Masrani Global sites.

What’s going on?

Both the Jurassic World and Masrani Global sites have had updates, though the Jurassic World one has had more due to the RaptorPass section of the site.

Masrani Global update

Masrani Global now has a link to a Terminal, password Indominus, that leads to onto the system of the company. There are commands available (check “help”) which will give you more information about the company and park.  While it doesn’t seem like much of an update, it does give plenty of more information about the lead-up to the film.

Jurassic World updates

The Jurassic World site has more updates, on the news timeline, the park map, and the RaptorPass page.

News Timeline update The update here isn’t much, just saying you can buy the film on home media.

Map update Fun stuff that’s been added to the map.

  1. Check the upper right hand side, where the boundary of the park and restricted zone meats the east coast.  Above there, two pins have been added, one on either side
    1. On the park side, there’s a pin for the original T-Rex paddock.
    2. On the other side, there’s a pin for the Raptor Paddock (the one seen in Jurassic World) and leads to its own page.
  2. On the other side of the map, in the loop made by the monorail, is a pin for the original visitor’s centre, which also receives it’s own page.
  3. I feel a few other items have been added, like the Botanical Gardens, but I’m not sure.  Still, definitely worth checking out.

RaptorPass updates There’s several updates on the RaptorPass (click the number for links):

  • #13: A short video on the casting of Chris Pratt, with behind the scenes stuff.
  • #14 and #15: Rather cool travel posters
  • #16: A 360 degree video from a scene with Owen/Chris Pratt on his bike.
  • #17: A promo video for the Gentle Giants petting zoo.  So adorable, and so jealous of the kids visiting and people who work there.
  • #18: A behind the scenes video showing the making of the CGI I-Rex
  • #19: “Feeding Time,” a promo vid for the T-Rex and Mosasaurus.


While some of the additions, namely a few of the RaptorPass items, do break immersion of the sites, they do give you more insights into the working of the park, both in the real world and in the Jurassic Park universe.  These updates are probably done in time to help advertise opportunity to buy the film on home media.