Deadpool review.

The Deadpool movie is finally out, and is a nice change of pace from the regular outing of superheroes.

Hey everyone.  Saw the Deadpool film in the cinema today, and it was really enjoyable.  With Deadpool not being a pinnacle of honour and virute, the movie isn’t the standard superhero fare we’ve come to expect.

What’s Deadpool about?

The film tells the story of how Wade Wilson became the Merc With a Mouth, Deadpool, and his later search for a man called Francis.  The origin story section is told in flashbacks during the “Searching” section, and is done remarkably well.  This is probably due to how it’s presented, with Deadpool narrating it during various sections of the intro fight and portions of the film beyond.

What should I know going in?

If you’re not familar with Deadpool and are thinking about seeing the film, the two things you should know are this:

  1. Deadpool is gory, and desevres the rating it gets.
  2. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, and acknowledges that he’s in a movie.

The first point is somewhat self-explanatory.  Deadpool is gory.  It doesn’t pull its punches from showing people get hurt, but doesn’t get to Watchmen levels of gore.
The second point, that Deadpool is Medium Aware and breaks the fourth wall (Warning, TVTropes links!) are both parts of the character.  If you check the Medium Awarenes page of TVTropes, comic!Deadpool features in the page picture.  This allows the film to make jokes and jabs at a broad range of appropriate targets.

In summary

Deadpool is well worth seeing, especially if you’re a fan of the superhero genre, and/or are tired of the usual “I have powers, they must be used to save the world!” thing that’s becoming the norm in superhero films these days.