LexCorp finally updates!

Finally, the LexCorp site has been updated! Also, you can help Beta Test Lex OS!

LexCorp’s previous update

Previous update was to link to a sole interview on Wired, which is still available here.
Before I continue, I’ll talk briefly about the Wired interview. It’s some what meta for an interview with such a high profile person. It shows him not wanting to be elevated, and not wanting the interview to be a puff piece. there’s a lot of talk about crime and vigilantes such as “the Batman,” and also the upcoming release of LexOS. I won’t go into much detail, as the interview shows how Lex wants to present himself, and it’s an entertaining read.

Latest Update

Anyway, for the major update of the site (which I didn’t get emailed about, even though I signed up late last year).
First off, the LexCorp intro video no longer auto-plays when you load the site, whichis a blessing.
The About page shows LexCorp as a business and industry leader, and a major researcher.
The News page links to both the Wired interview, which I talked about above, and the Fortune piece, which I mentioned in a previous post.
The Investors page is the usual “We’re pushing boundaries and leaving a legacy” talk you’d expect.
The LexOs page has a link to the intro video, which, if you’ve visited the page in the past, you’ll have seen, and a link to becoming a beta tester.
The signup page has remained unchanged.


Now, LexOs. Clicking on the “Become a Beta tester” takes you to the LexOS site
You get an option between “Guest beta access” or logging on. Since I dont’t have login details (if they are in the email that got sent out, I don’t have them) I’m going for the guest access.
The first thing you see is a screen describing LexOs as “the wor’s first neural network based operating system” and that we’re helping it seem more human. Interesting, wonder how it’ll work out If you check your User ID tab, you’ll currently be a Level 1 person.

Walkthrough of current tests

First test which you have to do is a colour matching game, where you rotate hexagons with several shades and colours on. It’s amazingly hard. Theres 3 X% complete, which change as you put pieces into the right place. Took me 129 moves and 22 minutes 42 seconds to complete it.

The technique I used was this:

Choose one coloured hexagon, rotate it one segment then put it back in. If the bottom, orange, % complete item goes up, move to the next hexagon. If it doesn;t, keep moving it segment by segment until it does. it’s fiddly as you have to push it back in every time to see if the completion percentage goes up. The goal is to pair colours up where the various hexagons meet.
Next Symbol 1.1. Same thing, except this is with symbols.
Circuit 1.1. Same thing, just making sure all the lines on the edges of the cells connect
Symbol 2.1. Info box goes a touch wonky, showing a bit extra info as it boots up. Puzzle same thing as symbol 1.1
Decimal 1.1 Info box empty, hexagons get highlighted and unhighlighted. This one is harder. Each number pair (where 2 hexagons meet) need to add up to 5 (s 5/0, 1/4 and 2/3). The hexagones that flash aren’t in the right orientation (and need rotating).
Finishing that, you get a “Come back for more” and the Tests tab shows more Tests to be done.  The taskbar shows your candidate number, as well as the current percentage of “Cognitive Processing Complete” which I assume is the percentages of tests you’ve done.
At this point your User ID badge is updated to be a Level 2 person, and you can upload a photo to it, and change the Candidate number to your name.  Mine is here:

My level 2 LexCorp ID
My level 2 LexCorp ID


There’s no option to sign up for an actual account yet.  Your progress does seem to persist between visits at the moment, but having a way to sign up and keep your progress recorded would be great.  I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of the rest of the testing, and see what happens when you complete it.