Mr Robot pilot – Lets Watch

I’ve finally watched the Mr Robot pilot, and I found it intriguing.
It can be viewed on Twitch, here, but for how long?  Who knows!  Below the cut are the notes I made as I watched, so there’ll be major spoilers.  I’ll be posting a review on the YT channel tomorrow, possibly along with a written version as well.

Restarted, just under a minute in
“Hello friend” good link to website
“They’re following me” It’s not paranoia if you’re right.
Demonstrating this guy’s skills. Seem to be using terminology correctly.
Showing he’s not in it for the money. He’s an idealist. Good, but could blow up in his face. Well, he is being followed now.
Cyber-Batman. Legit by day, vigilante by night
In love with his childhood friend
Seeing a psychologist.
Krista’s his therapist, who’d gone through a divorce.
Fuck society, the #fsociety hastag.
Oh, he’s good at speaking in his head, but not to people.
Really doesn’t like seeing the firend being with her bf.
Keeps mentioning the Hunger Games, the friend liking it.
Oh, the men in black may be a hallucination
On meds, may be off them
Narration may be to Mr Robot?
Ooooh, bf is cheating on childhood best friend
E Corp, the Really Big Bad. Reprogrammed himself to see/hear “Evil Corp” whenever it’s mentioned.
Linux Executive (tyrell wellick?) may not be that bad.
Wow, he’s really in a bad place. Morphine addiction (though claims not), looks like he had a bad childhood, and more!
ooo, homeless guy keeps popping up!
Who was the guy he used the phone of?
Shit’s bad at work,All Safe emergency call! Someone’s sticking it to E corp!
Dropped end may lead to his end (dna)
news is getting rumors of the hack quick (posted after an hour after starting)
The hack is coming from within the company!
Hacker’s smart, make the company do the trashing itself
THis show’s deffo no like others with use of tech. Looks like it’s trying to be the WarGames of this generation. It’s accurate (within reason – got to make it look good)
fsociety note in ddos log, making it more tied to viral marketing
Haha, he’s wearing his name on his (almost) sleeve.
“I’m gonna break you outta this metphorical jail cell!”
Hacker den, woo!
Good idea for security, talking not done on computers, can’t be found by techs.
Oh right, he’s schizo.
Oh, thinks he created the “Mr Robot” character as part of schizo.
Obligatory “akwards naked person on the bed” scene.
Mr Robot’s den, no-one heard of it, his ownership is extremely well hidden.
Mr Robot wants to hack E Corp, and wipe out a metric shit-ton of debt. Frame Colby.
Yeah, making it sound like E Corp’s going to be the big bad.
E-Corp just dicked over his friend.
Made him change his mind and go for the kill, I assume.
Was everything in his head?
Still going after Mystery-Phone-Guy: Mike Hanson- he’s seeing Krista and cheating on his wife.
Awww, he took his dog! Hopefully he’ll treat it well.
Good idea backup his stuff.
Takes 3 weeks for Colby to be arrested for the hack. Wooo!
Aaaaand the MiB aren’t a hallucination.
Aaand hi’s taken to some fancy office where Linux and friends is!