Jurassic World: Internships, Photos and more

An update for Jurassic World, in which there are more  internships, CEO Simon Masrani updates his blog, and we’re given a boatload of new photos of the island.

What’s new?

The Masrani Global site finally updates with more information!  A message from the CEO, and three more internships! Shortly before I posted this, I found a new update on the Jurassic World site, an option to “Preserve your memories.”

CEO’s blog update

Simon Masrani has updated his blog on the Media page of the site, and the main thrust of the post is that he’s not overseen the creation of the I-Rex (bad idea) and he’s going to visit the island to see it for the first time along with the general public.  This just screams “This is NOT going to go well,” which, if you’re familiar with the franchise, or seen any of the TV spots or trailers, you’ll know this is going to bite him in the ass.  Metaphorically? Definitely. Literally?  We’ll see.

Also, the last paragraph contains several statements which will prove true:
“Our investors will want to keep a close eye on our progress over the next six months”
Because you’re not getting your money back.

“[W]e hope the Indominus will prove to be our biggest showstopper to date.”
Breaking out, killing people and generally wrecking the place?  Yeah, that’ll stop the show alright.

“[W]e’re always looking to develop the latest concepts to break through potential misconceptions” 
‘Concepts’ meaning dinosaurs and ‘misconceptions’ being everything put in place to stop them going on a rampage.

“in this ever changing world we live in.”
Jurassic World, come for the dinosaurs, stay because they broke out and killed you.

“So now the time had come to prove just that.”
Don’t believe me?  Come see how magnificently it fails!  Better yet, stay at home and watch it on the news.  All the goodness of seeing us fail, minus the danger of being eaten by our genetically created monsters.

Once last thing of note, it looks like there may be more videos released in the near future, as there’s a “More videos coming soon” icon next to the “InGen. Tomorrow. Today” video.


The Careers page of the site also has several updates, namely three more internships: Security, Dinosaur Maintanence, and Park Inspector.  These seem to be the last internships to be posted on the site, as the “More coming soon” icon has disappeared. The internships are:

Security ID badge
My Security ID badge
Security welcome letter
My Security welcome letter

Dinosaur maintanence

Dinosaur Maintanence welcome letter
My Dinosaur Maintanence welcome letter
Dinosaur Maintanence badge
My Dinosaur Maintanence badge

Park Inspector

Park Inspector ID badge
My Park Inspector ID badge
Park Inspector welcome letter
My Park Inspector welcome letter

It’s nice how they’ve tailored the letter to each internship, to a degree.  You report to different people, and the Park Inspector one tell you that Inspection Day is  June 12th (the day the film’s out on general release) and you are “required to attend.”  Nice touch.

Jurassic World’s “Preserve your memories”

Shortly before posting, I found an update I’d missed: An option on the front page to “Preserve your memories, with Google Photos.”  Clicking on it takes you to a new page, giving you an option to download the Google Photos App as well as several collections of photos to look through.  While some feature elsewhere (such as in the trailers, TV spots or elsewhere on both sites) most are new, and show more of what you can see and do while on the site.  My favourite part?  The first photo of the “Menus” collection has a margarita called “Who’s to Blame.”

In conclusion…

We’re 8 days away from the film being released (7 if you could the previews on the 11th) and this seems to be getting tied up.  What else is to come?  I don’t know, a few more Masrani videos probably, and I’d like to see an update after the film comes out as the company goes into damage control.