Film out

With the film out, the countdown on the site reaches zero, and there are updates.
Spoiler level: Low.  If you’ve seen the trailers or seen the first film, you’ll kinda know what the update’s gonna be.

First up, a few days ago, another entry appeared on the Park Map, an entry for the Barbasol Can from the first film.  The page is, essentially, just an ad for limited edition Barbasol cans, but it’s a nice call back to the first film.
With the countdown reaching zero, in the real world that meant the film being released.  To Jurassic World, that meant the I-Rex attraction being opened.  if you’ve seen the trailers (or film) you’ll know that the I-Rex escapes and things get worse,  If you were signed up for the Raptor Pass, you were treated to a lovely image, as seen below:

"Sorry for our mess" image
Raptor Pass image, copyright Universal

This, in conjunction with the news feed on the sites main page, they’re trying to do as much damage control with PR.  Event the Facebook page is trying to do damage control.
However, there’s the Park Cameras which tell a different story.  The cameras, those that are still working, are showing what you’d expect: people panicking, staff trying to keep stuff under control…or panicking too.
This change to the site is great.  I was wondering if they’d do something like this, but never to this extent.
As for actually seeing the film, I’m going into Manchester tomorrow (13th June) to the Odeon and seeing it there.  I’ll be going in cosplay as Alan Grant.  If you see me, come say hello!