Jurassic Facts

Hey everyone!
Have you wondered how accurate the dinosaur stars of the Jurassic Park franchise are?  Well thanks to a collaboration between 26 Digital and Bright House you can, over at Jurassic Facts.  Thanks to Sophie of 26 Digital for bringing it to my attention, and no this isn’t a sponsored post.

Jurassic Facts: What is it?

Jurassic Facts is a site geared towards giving readers an insight into the various dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park franchise, such as the T Rex and Raptors, as well s giving information about their appearances in the franchise.  This is accompanied by some amazing illustrations.

The information.

The information provided is an introduction to the dinosaurs and is given in bite-sized chunks.  It details such information such as:

  • Size
  • Time and place it was first discovered
  • When that species lived (hint, not all of them are from the Jurassic period).
  • Kills within the franchise (check out the T-Rex and Raptors for shout-out to memorable kills)

While the information isn’t extensive, it could serve as a starting point to discovering what dinosaurs were like when they existed.

The illustrations

Probably one of the best aspects of the site is the illustrations.  It gives off a very strong 50’s aesthetic, and I could totally see InGen using this style to promote the island if it was opened during the 50’s.  I’ve included two of the illustrations below, to give you an idea of what’re they’re like.

Jurassic Facts: Brachiosaurus
Jurassic Facts: Brachiosaurus
Jurassic Facts T-Rex
Jurassic Facts T-Rex

But wait, there’s more!

Not to spoil everything that’s there, the site does have a unique dinosaur after the Spinosaurus at the end.


As mentioned before, the information on the site is limited, so if you’re wanting more in-depth information, you’ll have to look elsewhere.  But if you’re looking for a bouncing board from the film dinosaurs to their real world counterparts, this is a good starting point.