Mosasaurus? You get a Pass.

Something that passed me by, there was another Raptor Pass entry released two days ago, on the 20th.  The page is viewable here and works for those inside and outside the US.  This entry is number 10 and talks about the Mosasaurus (the one that jumps out of the water in the trailer). 

It’s nice learning more about another of the Park’s dinosaurs, I’ve not kept up with dinosaurs for a long time.  The Mosasaurus looks scary as heck in the picture provided, and it’s cool seeing it for more than a few seconds in the trailer.

There’s not much to say about this entry.  Currently there’s 79 days until the premier on June 10th, and by June 12th (81 days from now) it’ll be mostly released round the world.  According to the IMDb page for the film, the film opens in the UK on the 12th.

I can’t wait!