Masrani Global – Paddock Supervisor.

Another month, another update from Masrani Global, along with a new internship.


Now we’re in mid-March, Masrani Global brings us two new things:  a march news blurb and a new internship, that of Paddock Supervisor.

News entry

The news entry (available on this page)talks about Wu wanting to build a database of diseases using non-coding DNA.  The news, overall, seems pretty normal if it weren’t for the mention of “opening Pandora’s Box” towards the end.  This doesn’t bare well for any future sequels, or the film itself.  Perhaps youcan get pretty nasty illnesses from the dinos at the park, for example.  I’m also reminded of the dino/human hybrids that were originally proposed for JP4 (before it was Jurassic World) and that could be a result of this disease idea: dino DNA is transported to humans, and they become hybrids.   Hopefully, this doesn’t come to pass.

Paddock Supervisor Internship

After a long wait, there’s another internship available (see here for the full range), that of Paddock Supervisor!  The internships, if you haven’t applied before, accept everyone, so no need to worry about not being accepted.  Besides the typical badge, which you cansput a photo of yourself onto, you’re given a welcome letter.

Paddock Supervisor badge
My Paddock Supervisor badge
Paddock Supervisor letter
My Paddock Supervisor letter

At the moment, I’m now 3 for 3 in terms of internships.

Thanks for reaading, and stay tuned for more updates.