Jurassic World – Hammond Creation Lab

We’ve had two new updates to the Jurassic World site over the weekend.

First off, most of the unavailable dinosaurs on the Dinosaurs page are now viewable.  The only one’s remaining are Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus and Velociraptor, unless they surprise us with more pages the way they did with the I-Rex page.  These pages give us more info about the dinos at Jurassic World, and some feature in the trailers too.

Secondly, there’s a new item on the Raptor Pass page: a page for the Hammond Creation Lab.  The main content of the page is this video that show how they do the cloning of the dinosaurs, but it’s in similar way to the tour in the Visitors Centre in the original movie.  It’s mostly glossed over and quickly moves on.  Part of me wonders if the setup is the same as in the first movie/book: the dinos are created on a different island (Sorna) then moved to Nublar (where the Park is) once the dinos are old enough.  If so, they’d have to do enough of the process on the island (or fake enough of it there) to make it seem like the island is self-contained as far as dino-production is concerned.

Am I right?  ultimately, only time will tell.